About Our Staff

Charan Walia


Charan is a qualified veterinarian and veterinary scientist. With many years experience in the veterinary pathology and animal health industry. Previously, Charan held the role of Operations manager for Gribbles Veterinary Pathology before establishing Vepalabs Veterinary Pathology in 2012.

Charan’s passion for caring came directly from his grandmother and it was her life, ageing and passing that influenced so much of Charan’s life. An individual’s needs for meaning and value don’t decrease with age and she saw both the power of independent living in making life enjoyable and then consequently the challenges of residential care. The Home Care Assistance values of respect and understand the full needs on an individual were a natural fit for Charan.

Jasneet Walia


Jasneet worked as a childcare worker for 9 years. She is happily married to Charan and have two beautiful sons; Gurveer and Tanveer. She feels privileged to get the opportunity to be a part in moulding the growth of each child at her childcare. She feels especially rewarding to have a job where she receives smiles, hugs, laughter, drawings and get to enjoy the great moments that each child bought on a daily basis.


Through her journey as a daughter and granddaughter Jasneet become increasingly aware of the difficulties families go through with existing way of supporting aged care. With her energy and compassion Jasneet was attracted to a business that aims to ‘Change the Way the World Ages’.

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